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What is Seniori365.fi?

Seniori365 is a service that connects seniors, their family members, and service providers.

From the Espoo area to the nearby municipalities and all across Finland, the service gathers the companies offering various services and products to seniors to one place. On the website, seniors and their family members can easily search for and discover companies offering different services, and find help that perfectly suits their needs.

On the Seniori365.fi website, seniors and their family members can find information on where to purchase a variety of wellbeing services and products, wellbeing technology products, and daily life aids. In addition, the service contains essential information on safe living at home. The site features links to different services such as the City of Espoo's senior services, and plenty of active and entertaining content like exercise videos, games, and links to various media. The Current section is used to compile information on upcoming events in the Espoo area, news, and other current matters.

Our goal is to make daily life easier for seniors, and to employ entrepreneurs from the Espoo area and the nearby municipalities and in all across Finland! 

The service was originally part of the InnoEspoo project and was developed by students!


The service was originally part of the InnoEspoo project and was developed by students!

InnoEspoo was a two-year collaboration project that ended in April 2015, with involvement from the City of Espoo, Omnia and Laurea teachers and developers, and operators from the Aalto University's Small Business Centre.

The goal of the project was to open up new environments for Espoo-based entrepreneurs and encourage networking.

Seniori365.fi is one of the innovative service ideas for Espoo seniors and their family members that arose during the project. Since the conclusion of the project, Seniori365.fi has been owned and managed by the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The service was conceived and developed by students, and continues to operate as a multidisciplinary learning environment for the students of the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. The service is run by students. They are responsible for the technical upkeep and functionality of the website, create content for the site, add new businesses to the roster of service providers, and market the site to seniors and their families as well as various operators and experts and organisations in the Espoo area, nearby municipalities and the Uusimaa region. Seniori365.fi has received international recognition on four occasions, by winning

* the Design for All Foundation's Best Practice service innovation award in March 2015

* the Social Innovation category of the EU Women Inventors' contest in October 2015, and

* the Co-Design category of the Japanese IAUD Award design contest in October 2015

* In August 2018 in Geneve, following the voting for the ENoll Most Popular LivingLab contest, Seniori365.fi had the honour to receive the bronze award after being voted the third most popular development environment of 2017 in the contest.

Please don't hesitate to ask for more information, and let's work together to create a good life for seniors 365 days a year whilst simultaneously supporting the development of the students' expertise!

Send your questions to us via email, to the address info@seniori365.fi
If you feel something on the site could use improvements, you can send your revision suggestions to the address palaute@seniori365.fi . Business enquiries can be sent to the address myynti@seniori365.fi .

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