Introduction internet wellbeing service for seniors and their caregivers - all in one place

Ageing society is a global challenge. There many are challenges such as growth of ageing population; lack of public services targeted at seniors and their caregivers; need for costeffective service models in seniors’ healthcare; finding new ways to supporting ageing people to live longer active lives at home. The costs are increasing in health care and social welfare fields and it is difficult to manage the situation. There is still a lack of cost-effective digital services for elderly people that helps their active and safe life in home environment. In Finland there are strong needs to enhance digital health and wellbeing development for citizens in order to live active, healthy and good life in their own homes including elderly people. All these factors inspired us to develop a digital ellbeing all-in-one-place platform service for seniors. Read more... (pdf) voted third most popular Living Lab

Article date: 9/7/2018
Modified 9/10/2018 3:13 PM is a digital service for seniors developed at Laurea University of Applied Sciences..

​, a digital service for seniors developed at Laurea, took part in the 2017 ENoLL (European Networks of Living Labs) contest. The winner is determined by the number of votes cast in an open poll on social media for each Living Lab. First place was awarded to Living Labs Taiwan and second place for Captain from Greece. Laurea’s came in third. We congratulate the Living Labs from Taiwan and Greece!

The service is developed and maintained by students from Laurea. It offers a wide selection of products, services, information, knowledge on current issues, happenings and activities – all in one place. This was already the fourth International recognition for social innovation for the project.

The recognition was received by Pia Kiviharju and Sari Jääskeläinen of Laurea at the ENoLL confereces Open Living Lab Days 2018.


What are Living Labs?

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Living Lab introduction

Within the EU-funded project U4IoT, the video explains what are Living Labs and how ENoLL is positioned within this innovation landscape and the European project.



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ALLIN talks to Zsuzsanna Bódi and Paolo Aversano from the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Here we asking What is a Living Lab? You can find out more about ENoLL and their events at