Welcome to the interface for wellbeing technology!

Teknologialainaamo (Technology Lending Service) is dedicated to the demonstration of wellbeing technology, and with our guidance, you can try different wellbeing technology products, applications, and services. The purpose of our activity is to spread information about existing wellbeing technology solutions, especially to older people and their families as well as social and health professionals and students. Through our work, we support the wellbeing of seniors and those close to them, and independent living at home. Learn more about the wellbeing technology solutions and companies associated with our work >>

Teknologialainaamo's Living Lab exhibition area is located at Laurea in Tikkurila, and can be booked for private product demonstration events. The exhibition is intended in equal measure for social and health professionals and active citizens interested in their own or their loved one's wellbeing. Indeed, Teknologialainaamo is a low-threshold showroom where the residents of the area, their loved ones, industry professionals, and people of all ages can come to learn about and test new wellbeing products, services, and applications. We also hold product demonstrations at the premises of various groups, with demonstration visits all around Uusimaa. Read more about our demo work >>